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Home Inspection

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of the major components and systems of a home. Every home has some defects, major or minor. This inspection provides an impartial, comprehensive overview of your home. A&A Certified Home Inspection, Termite & Pest Control Co. will take you through your home and outline the nature and condition of its systems and components. The experience gained will give you, the homeowner, the knowledge and confidence to make a sound decision in purchasing that home.

Components & Systems to be Inspected

A complete home evaluation package that reports major deficiencies, and provides a valuable education about the home.

Inspector will accompany you through the home, answer questions and report fully on:

  • structural
  • electrical
  • energy/insulation
  • kitchen/appliances
  • walls/ceilings
  • roof/attic
  • gutters/drainage
  • exterior finish
  • basement/crawl space
  • heat/cooling
  • ventilation
  • plumbing
  • floors
  • windows/doors
  • fireplace/chimney
  • general summary

A free termite report is included with every home inspection.

Good Reasons for a Home Inspection

Here are some good reasons why home inspections are increasingly used by prudent home buyers:

  • Get the facts — before it is too late
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Avoid surprise expenses after settlement

BE THERE! Be present at the inspection and learn about the operations of the home. (If you cannot attend the inspection, try to arrange for someone to represent you).

Limitations of a Home Inspection

As described in the pre-inspection agreement, A&A Home Inspections are based on a visual examination of readily accessible parts of a home. No warranty is expressed or implied.

Inspect Your Home Before Settlement

  • Get the facts — before it is too late
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Avoid surprise expenses after settlement


Featured Services

A Free Termite Report is Included With Every Home Inspection

  • Free termite estimates
  • Soil pre-treatment comes with five (5) year warranty
  • Same-day service and unlimited updates at no extra cost
  • Live answering service 24 hours/Radio dispatch
  • Commercial and residential pest service

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